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The Nii Lamptey Show

Apr 22, 2022

Balls to this! One week ago we were about to embark upon a flurry of potential play-off excitement... a week later it all feels pretty impossible again.

Not to worry. Joey, Neil and Dom are here to get you through, with all the great chats about two very different Easter games against Birmingham and...

Apr 13, 2022

Wooooooo. Check us right now. Battering the best in the league again. Nobody really predicted it, but we're going to enjoy it. What a performance.

Joey, Paul, Neil and Dom revel away in this latest episode of The Nii Lamptey Show, the greatest Lamptey Show of all time.

Twitter: @niilampteyshow

Feb 10, 2022

A lot of games have happened. A lot of games that we should/could have won.

The chaps are playing very well, and are once again the "best team" everyone seems to have faced.

Joey, Neil, Imogen and Dom dissect the Middlesbrough, Southampton and Blackpool matches and try to figure out why we're not battering everyone a...

Jan 27, 2022

It wasn't too hot watching us fail to beat QPR, so it was very welcome to see us fail to not win against Stoke. The points are starting to tally up again. Joey, Dom and Imogen discuss. Twitter: @niilampteyshow
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Jan 18, 2022

Happy New Year, kids and adults, etc.

Did you see us the other day, duffing somebody up? Been a while, but that was excellent to see. Specifically because we'd largely forgotten what 3 points (or playing league football) felt like.

Joey, Neil and Dom discuss this feeling alongside some rather eyebrow-raising decisions...