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The Nii Lamptey Show

Oct 22, 2015

Hey hey hey, 

Two games, one Cole, no goals; it's this week's Nii Lamptey Show!  We try not to get too carried away with the Cole signing although it's very much a case of getting back to the stable with your horse pretty much out of sight.  We find it pretty easy to not get carried away with two, admittedly very different, 0-0 draws and as usual we cut right through both of them with our laser sharp analysis laser.

Joey actually had time and tried to do a proper Swindon preview.  This is the best he could do...  God help us.

Oooh, FBAs!  You've got 'til 31st October to vote and then I'll stop bugging you.  Vote via Twitter (see @NiiLampteyShow for details) and/or go to to register your vote.  Get your friend to vote.  Get your dog to vote.  Just bloody vote.  Oh and thanks very much if you already did.

Little note that we only get a certain amount of storage space where we host the podcast and October seems to have been a busy month.  That means that this pod and next week's pod will be a little bit lower quality.  Hopefully it doesn't ruin your listening experience.

Final word, just an early heads up that we'll be having a week (or so) off at the start of November.  Deal with it.  All this vote begging has made us tired and we need some winter Sun.  We'll be back next week though for some tip top Swindon reviewing action.  Cheerio