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The Nii Lamptey Show

Mar 22, 2016

In a desperate attempt to spice up their relationship the Niis invite another man to join in on their pod shenanigans.  Coventry City comms guru and all round nice guy Kieran Crowley joins us for his annual visit like a Brummy Father Christmas; depositing cold, hard insight into your filthy stockings.

We talk Jim O'Brien, Joe Cole, Rice Pudding, Ben Stevenson, Reda's injury, atmosphere on the training ground and all of that stuff.  Not to mention getting a frank admission that we caused the death of the official podcast...

We give the Swindon game the amount of attention it deserves for once and take a similar approach to the Peterborough preview 

If you want a really good preview Google (or Bing) Sideways Sammy and if you want a really good post game break down Bing (or Alta Vista) The Lonely Season (for some reason it's not letting me put the links in here today.


PS I know the title doesn't work AT ALL.  You try naming 119 podcasts, alright?