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The Nii Lamptey Show

May 23, 2024

It's a little late, but the Niis return for the final episode of a crazy 2023/24 season.

This is the one where we start with good intentions to review the season as a whole, but in reality just end up talking at length about all the best bits.

Spoiler alert: We mention some players more than others. This is in no way...

Apr 25, 2024

Christ. That happened.

The greatest football match in history and we were there.

Ultimately they pinched it from us, but let's pretend they didn't. Because that winner was a good football goal.

Come join the Niis as we chat about another epic Wembley adventure.

Twitter: @niilampteyshow

Apr 19, 2024

It's here you guys. FA Cup fever has well and truly landed at Lamptey towers. We discuss what shirt to wear, Mark Robins masks and avoiding tube carriages with opposition fans.

Joey, Neil and Imogen once again bring joy and Cov related happiness into your life.

Warning: There's a couple of mentions of willies.


Mar 22, 2024

We went mad and beat Wolves in the best way possible, so the Niis felt it only right to continue the madness and record a podcast that focuses almost exclusively on that brilliant FA Cup win.

Joey, Neil, Dom and Imogen (with a special appearance from Laurie) bring the joy.

Twitter: @niilampteyshow

Oct 15, 2023

**Note, if you're only seeing a 17-second version of this episode, please check back later. The first upload went slightly awry but should be gradually updating itself across the various platforms**

A new episode of the Nii Lamptey Show podcast, as I live and breathe.

Joey, Neil and Dom bring you an assessment of the...