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The Nii Lamptey Show

Jan 22, 2014

This week: There's just not enough time to discuss everything, but the Niis give it a bloody good go. Andy Powell joins in to feedback from the SCG, while Franck Moussa receives the plaudits.

Contains absolutely zero threats.

Jan 17, 2014

This week: The dream team re-assemble to bring you your weekly dose of Coventry City waffle. Includes awful research and obligatory round-tabling about a week's worth of Sisu/Council nonsense.

Contains quite a few messages to Leon Clarke.

Jan 7, 2014

This week: While Neil's off ensuring the Sky Blues are fantastic for the next update of Football Manager, the Niis discuss yet another terrific victory against Barnsley, take a trip down managerial memory lane, and will have you screaming the answer of Going for Gould at your phone while you listen to this on...

Jan 3, 2014

This week: Welcome to 2014 you sweethearts! The Niis are back with a bumper New Year special, packed with words and assessment of the christmas period, ranging from Carl Baker's acrobatics and goals from the half-way line, to Leon Clarke speaking his mind and dressing up like Mr Plow (Credit to Ed. Sick...