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The Nii Lamptey Show

Apr 30, 2015

This week: The Niis react in a manner any fan should when their team allows itself to feature in a final day relegation shoot out in League One, the shittest of all the leagues. If you're not raging, what is the matter with you?

Contains minimal banter with Marcus.

Apr 23, 2015

This week: Super Sky Blues wordsmith Steve (Vanessa) Phelps joins the Niis to discuss the deserved draw at Champions Bristol City, and the speed at which their fans left before the final whistle.

Contains the realisation that we've been in a relegation battle.

Apr 16, 2015

This week: A flat back four of Joey, Neil, Andy Powell and Dominic Jerams/Samuel tackle an unbeaten couple of matches at the Ricoh. Settle down, this may never happen again.

Contains multiple references to Maddison, because he's wicked.

Apr 4, 2015

This week: The guys are pretty bummed after another home defeat. Should have won. Didn't win. Nice one.

Contains a replacement for Dominic Samuel. Special guest Dominic "Sideways Sammy" Jerams.